Sabtu, 16 Januari 2016


Explore landscape on my latest trip to Samosir Island. My friends always talked about the beauty of Samosir Island. It’s been there for quite some time,  but for some reasons more and more people are talking about this lately. My friends and I decided to vacation here. 

Samosir Island is a large volacano island in Lake Toba, located in the north of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. If you look at Google maps, Samosir island located in the middle of Lake Toba. I departed from Medan around 9:00 AM with my friends. We decided through Siantar City, because a little faster. After a stop and very relaxed driving, we managed to arrived at Parapat city around 2:00 PM. We decided to having lunch in here and then one-hour ferry ride across the lake from Aji bata to Tomok. Cost crossing boarding arround IDR 10k (per-person) and IDR 25k (for a car), spent about 45 minutes to Tomok. 

Finally we arrived at Tomok around 4:00 PM and heading to resort in Tuktuk. The tourist resorts are concentrated in the Tuktuk area. we chose to stay at Carolina Cottages and Hotel. The room cost around IDR 180k (per-night) on week days and IDR 300k (per-night) on weekends/peak season. My room located at the beach and directly overlooking the Lake Toba view. 

This's the beautiful and nice hotel than any other hotel around Tuktuk area. Almost every hotel in here provides pork for dishes, but don't worry for the muslim although pork dish available in here, but there's also halal food! They also provide the beer and variant coffee. I love interior of the restaurant, because the restaurant directly overlooking to Lake Toba view and open. So that we can feel the breeze and fresh air from Lake Toba, furniture that is used almost entirely of wood so it looks natural. The price for dishes around IDR 10k - IDR 80k


Around the Tuktuk area are available Banana boat, Kayaking, Boat and Jet ski. My friends and I decided to play Jet ski. The cost to play it only IDR 150k (for 30 minutes) or if you want to play Banana boat you have to spend money around IDR 350k (for 5 person) and you want to ride the boat, you have to spend money around IDR 800k. I think that was very worth it, it's about The Beautiful View! You can see the beautiful view from Lake Toba. 

My friends and I would like to having lunch around Tuktuk, Finally we found an interesting cafe with Hawaiian ambience. The interior used almost entirely of wood and bamboo, so it looks natural. The name of cafe is Bamboo Bar and Restaurant, you can enjoy Indonesian food and western food. They also provide the variant of beer and cocktail. The view from the cafe is also facing to Lake Toba. The price for the dishes in here around IDR 8k - IDR 100k. I ordered the shrimp fettuccine with tomato sauce. The taste's not bad. You have to visit!  if you stay around Tuktuk area. 


After luch, we're going to Tomok village. Tomok is a small village at Samosir Island, Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia. It is a one hour walk from Tuk-tuk. There are some beautiful traditional Batak houses to be found at Tomok. Furthermore, here you can find the grave of former king Sidabutar. Together with all the souvenir stalls, this tomb / sarcophagus is the main attraction of Tomok. On the way up, through a corridor of souvenir shops, you will find a few stone coffins, all belonging to the family of the former king Sidabutar. Please be so kind to put some rupiahs in the tip box. We saw a The doll of Sigale-gale and visit the Batak Museum.


For 3 days stay in Samosir, Finally we return to Medan from another road. On the way we visited Ambarita Village. Ambarita also has some nice resort, you will see the beautiful paddy field and also Lake toba view.

and then we visited Pangururan city. Pangururan is a town in North Sumatra province of Indonesia and it is the seat (capital) of Samosir Regency.

The next destination, we visited the peak of Samosir island is Tele. We're discovering the sights of green hills. You will feel like in paradise, but don't forget to prepare your eyes and camera! you can see the beauty of Lake Toba from the top. 

The last destination, we visited waterfall spot. Yeah, i think this's the best spot to do the photoshot with my friend Sarah. Hahaha!

you can feel a very great pleasure, beautiful landscape, fresh air and wonderful Indonesia. I am proud to be citizens of Indonesia. 

Thank you for reading, guys!

Let's Chop Chop the foods,
Yoga Valiant
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